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Specific Services

CTS Logistics has an immense range of transportation and logistics solutions spanning various industries. As such, we are experts in identifying the specific challenges of your industry.

Food And Drugs Administration

Do your imports require FDA approval? Our brokerage department can assist you with the necessary documents and procedures so that your goods reach their destination as quickly as possible.

Time Critical

For some shipments, time is of the essence. Our staff can help you get your cargo where it needs to be without delay and while meeting your timelines.

Clinical trials

For clinical shipments, biological materials, blood shipments, and other similar jobs, CTS Logistics Group has the experience, the training, and the partnerships to ensure high quality, careful service.

Temperature controlled

CTS Logistics Group can handle shipments that require careful temperature control, including food stuffs, medicines, and other cargo.

Dry Ice

CTS Logistics Group offers dry ice replenishment for export shipments, domestic ground shipments or ocean shipments. We provide 24/7 support on air or ocean shipments that require packaging with Dry Ice.


CTS has worked with pharmaceutical shipments for two decades, and we can handle daily blood and medicine shipments, temperature-controlled shipments, and shipments with a data logger.

Knowledge of Documents

We have the knowledge necessary to create specialized documents for temporary imports and exports, car shipments, certificates of origin, food imports and exports and others.

Hazardous Materials

When Dangerous Goods arrive, it is vital that the receiving department is knowledgeable and familiar with all relevant regulations. Whether it be 49 CFR, ICAO, IATA, or IMDG, CTS Logistics Group can complete the process effectively. Working with Hazardous materials is not a simple task. At CTS, our employees are trained to handle dangerous cargo and create the documents required for any kind of DG shipment.

Heavy hauling

Due to our relationship with Heavy-haul truckers across the United States, CTS can assist you in transporting your oversized freight, over-dimensional freight, and other special cargo, through an array of heavy haul trucks and flatbed trailers.

Spare parts

CTS can handle deliveries of spare parts and serialized pieces, including the necessary storage, reverse logistics, barcode handling, and so on.

Customized reports

Reports for spot and regular Logistic operations. We can offer development for EDI via XML and TXT.

Door-to-door service

We can ship your cargo right from your door to any destination around the world (or vice versa). You don’t need to be worried about documents, packing, dead-line or insurance. CTS Logistics is prepared to fulfill your needs and meet all requirements

Consulting Services

CTS Logistics Group can provide specialized consulting services for your domestic and international businesses, helping to lower your cost and speed up your supply chain.


Reverse Logistics

For those companies that rely on reverse logistics to complete their supply chain, including the recovery of empty pallets, crates, and so on. In business it’s important to plan for any possible scenario. CTS Logistics Group can not only help you get your shipment to its destination but can also help you manage customer returns to your location. Reverse logistics management is important for you AND your customer. Our expedited process helps your customers safely get their products back.



CTS Logistics Group can assist you in transporting returns, surplus equipment, and other items destined for reuse or disposal, allowing you to service equipment in need of repairs, recycle materials, and preserve our environment.