We have received notice from multiple individuals about supposed job offers presented to them by someone claiming to represent our company.

These are fraudulent offers and should be ignored, as they are attempting to steal the identity of individuals that fill out their paperwork and potentially steal money as well via the ‘training costs’ for the fraudulent offer. Please note that ALL CTS emails will come from a domain (for example, – no other domain will be utilized by individuals from our company. Additionally, we almost always post job offers on sites like Indeed or Monster instead of directly soliciting applications from individuals directly. In the rare instances when we do directly contact individuals for job offers, the offers come from or – offers received from anyone else should be reported to these emails, as they are mostly likely illegitimate.If anyone else receives a fraudulent offer from someone claiming to represent CTS, please immediately send us the relevant email chain, as well as any documents or other materials that the scammer provides you. We have contacted the NY State Attorney General’s office as well as the FTC, and having additional information about these scammers will assist us in our efforts to thwart them.Please reach out if you have any questions.Thank you

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