The universe of online shopping

Buying online

Online shopping is so present in our regular days now that we don’t even notice how it got in our lives but as logistics operations evolve so does the market and it is clear that this tendency that arises during the pandemic is here to stay.

We all have been getting used to online shopping in the past few years and during the last couple of months, with the lockdowns and social distance becoming a necessity all around the world, we are improving our habilities to online shopping all types of things. In logistics operations, there has been an increase in the demand for delivery services, from importation products to grocery stores nearby, and this is a breakthrough moment for all people involved: the consumer, customers, and store owners, and also the logistics companies. As a Logistics company, we are improving our procedures and structure to be able to attend to all demands and different types of cargos for all types of consumers. And that’s a transformation that we are watching happening, because people who didn’t were used to online shopping have now opened that door, and all indicates that it will not close any time soon.

Since everyone is avoiding social contact and have been spending a lot of time inside their homes, the universe of online stores become the easiest option when the subject is to buy things and goods in a way to keep your family safe. But there are different profiles of preferences when we are talking about online shopping during the pandemic. We already know that food delivery has had an increase on its demand since it is the only way of having a meal from your favorite restaurant without leaving the security of your house. But people also need to do something about the amount of time they are spending inside their homes, and this is what created this new era of online shopping that emerged during the pandemic.

People are buying more than usual, to be more specific, online shopping has had an increase of 80.4% in May this year, and it continues to grow. The segments that grew most in the period were food and beverages, with an increase of 241%; followed by the bed, table, and bath items, up 236%; toys, which rose 211%; furniture, up 174%; and small appliances, up 164%.

And the types of things are the most variable ones. For example, in the US the purchase for skates and bicycles increased by 475% and 392%, respectively, during the pandemic. People are also trying to exercising more by buying more devices in this category, like smart wristbands for measuring heartbeat, counting steps, and counting calories that increased by 513% in sales. But the leadership of the online market sales during the pandemic goes to the electronics market, more specific products related to electronic games, such as video games, which increased 315%, laptops with 169%, but less than routers and signal repeaters, with 193%.

And as online sales grow, so does the logistics operations field goes with it. By evolving our delivery operations in order to offer faster and better services we are also helping customers and consumers to come through this difficult time and step into the new era of online shopping and cargos services.